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Apparently undaunted by the previous mass dismissals, Voltage Pictures has moved forward with their BitTorrent litigation strategy by filing a copyright infringement action against a single IP address. I’m reluctant to forecast Voltage Pictures’ next move, but I suspect this is a test case that, if financially successful, will result in hundreds of individual filings.

[Update: A commenter has informed that the Defendant in this case was one of the first to respond with a Motion to Quash in one of the original Voltage Pictures cases, 3:13-cv-00295-AC. The Defendant, represented by Swider Medeiros Haver LLP, was released from that case as a part of the mass dismissals undertaken last week by Judge Aiken.]

Voltage Pictures, LLC v. Doe IP

Court Case Number: 3:13-cv-00836-BR
File Date: Friday, May 17, 2013
Plaintiff: Voltage Pictures, LLC
Plaintiff Counsel: Carl D. Crowell, Jonathan T. van Heel of Crowell Law
Defendant: Doe IP
Cause: Copyright Infringement
Court: U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon
Judge: Judge Anna J. Brown

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