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Two months ago, Lake Oswego-based Crave Bake Shop filed a Declaratory Judgment of Non-Infringement action to preserve the right to use the “Crave” trademark in connection with gluten-free baked goods. A settlement has apparently been reached with San Francisco-based Crave bakery and Crave Bake Shop will now become Kyra’s Bake Shop.

More information, including background on the parties, is available from the Portland Tribune. While the terms of the settlement are undisclosed, Kyra Bussanich, owner of Crave Bake Shop, provides some insight into her future naming plans.

“The new name will start transitioning this summer…With my cookbook about to be released and our new line of dry mixes and the expansion plans on the horizon, I want to funnel all the goodwill I have built up to be associated with my new Kyra’s Bake Shop name as I move forward. Of course, I will retain the trademark on Crave Bake Shop and the website until people are used to KBS.”

Notice of Dismissal: