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Congrats go out to Beaverton, Oregon-based Digimarc Corporation, which recently entered the top 10 of The Wall Street Journal’s Patent Scorecard of leading innovators in the information technology industry.

Ranked at #9 overall, Digimarc has the highest Industry Impact score in the top 50. According to The Wall Street Journal, Industry Impact indicates the extent to which others are building upon a portfolio of issued US utility patents as compared to the total set of utility patents in the industry. As the chart below indicates, Digimarc maintains far less patents than most companies on the list, but those patents they do hold are extremely valuable.

Digimarc is a leading innovator and provider of enabling technologies that create digital identities for all forms of media and many everyday objects. Digimarc has built an extensive intellectual property portfolio with patents in digital watermarking, content identification and management, media and object discovery to enable ubiquitous computing, and related technologies.

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